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MXP50N Resources

CAD Files
 3D/2D Tolomatic Model Builder CAD   
Configure 3D and 2D CAD files and access via email link for download.
 3D/2D Tolomatic PartStream CAD   
View, drag and drop CAD files into your SolidWorks desktop!
Catalogs & Brochures
MXP Band Cylinders - Catalog Section
A section from the Pneumatic Actuators product catalog featuring Tolomatic’s MXP Band Cylinders, including all sizes, performance, options and ordering information. (3.67 MB)
Pneumatic Glossary, Conversions, & Guidelines - Catalog Section
A 7-page section of the product catalog featuring a glossary, conversion tables, and application guidelines for Tolomatic’s Pneumatic Actuator products. (807 kb)
Pnuematic Products Endurance Technology Features
28-page brochure covers all the Endurance Technology features of Tolomatic's pneumatic rodless cylinders, cable cylinders, slides, and magnetically coupled actuators.
Tolomatic Pneumatic Actuator Products: COMPLETE CATALOG
Complete 256 page catalog of all Tolomatic Pneumatic Actuator products (31.2 MB).
Content Library
Pneumatic Rodless Actuators Sizing Mistakes White Paper
Ten tips for avoiding rodless actuator sizing mistakes.
Part Sheets
 MXP50N Parts Sheet   
Parts/Maintenance for MXP50N Rodless Band Cylinder
Repair Kits
 Pneumatic Repair Kits   
Repair Kits for pneumatic products both current and discontinued. Products include: BC2, BC100, MG, MGS, BC3, LS, BC4, LC100, CC, SA, DP, TC and old style cable cylinders. - 89 KB