Load bearing Work Table
A rigid, one-piece work table serves as a base plate for the bearing rods. The result is a ridgid, torque-resistant, low-profile unit that provides load guide and support along the entire stroke of the slide.

BC2: Band Retention System

A Unique Band Retention System
A non-magnetic sealing band retention system utlizes a stainless-steel outer dust band held tightly in place by a T-shaped elastomer strip bonded to the band's surface. The result is a non-magnetic metal-to-metal seal that provides a positive barrier against possible contamination of internal components.


T-Slot Nuts
T-slot Nuts provided on the underside of the cylinder can be used to mount the cylinder directly to a surface or used to mount tube supports if desired. All Linear Slides come with four nuts for the first 24 inches of stroke. Two nuts are provided for each additinal 20 inches of stroke.


One-piece extruded Housing
An extruded one-piece anodized aluminum housing provides increased torsional stability and full-stroke, continuous-bearing rod support.

LS Single End Porting Photo

Single End Porting
Ports located on one side of the actuator head simplifies the installation of air connections.