Actuator Options

BC4 Series Actuator Options
BC4 Auxiliary Carrier Photo

Auxiliary Carrier
The Auxiliary Carrier option substantially increases load carrying and bending moments capacity over the standard single carrier models. As a general rule, this option is highly recommended in verticle applications (MY) if the distance from the carrier mounting surface to the load center of gravity (CG) exceeds the overall length of the carrier. Use of this option gives higher performance without the need to choose a larger bore size.

BC412 Long Carrier Product Photo
Long Carrier
Available in the BC406, BC410, BC412, and BC415 Band Cylinder, the Long Carrier Option greatly increases the "My" and " Mz" moment load capacity, broadening the application range for these models. Other benefits include larger mounting surface and virtual elimination of chatter for vertical cantilever loads.
BC4 Floating Mount Photo

Floating Mounts
Floating Mount brackets are available for applications where a BC4 Band Cylinder is moving a load that is externally guided and supported or when compensating for nonparallelism between the cylinder and the independent guiding member is required. Independently guided loads, which are not parallel to the cylinder, may result in the cylinder binding if the floating mount bracket is not used. (Not to be used in conjunction with shock absorbers)

For dimensions please refer to specific BC4 models

BC4 Foot Mount Photo

Foot Mounts
Foot mounts are an option on all bore sizes of BC4 Series Band Cylinders when an application requires the mounting to be different than flush. They may be specified on one or both sides of the cylinder.

For dimensions please refer to specific BC4 models

BC4 Tube Support Product Photo

Tube Support Mounting 
For intermediate support, tube support brackets can be mounter to any BC4 model during assembly procedure. Made of anodized aluminum, the brackets are designed to attach to T-nuts inside the grooves which run the length of the cylinder tube.

BC4 Shock Absorber Product Photo

Standard Shock Absorber
Standard shock absorbers are positioned on the cylinder heads for end-of-stroke deceleration.

Other Options

BC4 Single End Porting Product Photo
Single End Porting
Single End Porting is an option available  for all BC4 models except the 5/8" BC406. Simplifying your air hook up, this option allows you to run air lines to just one end of the BC4.  The Single End Porting option for the BC410 is factory installed on the right side.