Shock Absorbers

BC3 Series Shock Absorber Options

Tolomatic BC3 Series band cylinders come with standard internal cushions that offer an effective method for decelerating loads. BC3 cylinders are also capable of carrying heavier loads at higher velocities than the cylinder cushion can absorb. Optional shock absorbers can be used to increase the cylinder's life and broaden the application range for the cylinder model you have chosen.

BC3 Shock Absorber Product Photo

Shock absorbers offer these advantages:

  • Increases operating speed
  • Smoother deceleration
  • Self-compensates for load changes
  • Minimizes shock load to equipment
  • Reduces equipment maintenance
  • Higher equipment productivity

BC3 cylinders can be ordered with adjustable style shocks which can be positioned anywhere along the cylinder's stroke and are used in conjunction with a stop shock plate. Use of shock absorbers will increase the overall height of the actuator. Refer to the dimensional specifications for each actuator model.

CAUTION: In applications which result in a load bending moment at deceleration, care should be taken to decelerate the load rather than the cylinder's carrier. Typical shock absorber life varies between 1-2 million cycles (depending on environment) and appropriate preventative maintenance should be considered in high cyclic applications. For additional deceleration considerations, refer to the BC3 Application Guidelines.

BC3: Load Deceleration/Shock Absorber Options
BC3 Shock Options Table
-  Not Available           OP  Optional            ST  Standard     

Shock absorbers are configurated per cylinder head. For a cylinder with a shock absorber at each end, order a quantity of "2". Cylinders specified with single shocks will be mounted on the right cylinder head side (as the ports face you).

NOTE: When 2 external / adjustable shock absorbers are ordered, the unit will be assembled with NO internal cushions.

Shock absorbers are designed to operate without the assistance of the standard band cylinder cushion. To ensure proper shock absorber performance, make sure the air cushion is disabled.

BC3: Shock Part Listing

Adjustable Style Shock
BC3 Shock Parts Illustration
BC3 Shock Part Refernce Table

For shock performance data, reference the performance data for the BC3 model selected.