BC315D Band Cylinder

BC3:Dual 180 Carrier

BC315D-English Series

Bore size: 1.5 in.
Base weight: 17.2 lbs.
Weight per inch of stroke: .69 lbs
Maximum Pressure: 100 PSI
Temperature Range: 20o to 140o F
Moment Loads: 1192 to 2066 lb-in
Max. load capacity: 1,680 to 2,908 lb


Bore size: 40 mm.
Base weight: 7.76 kgs.
Weight per millimeter of stroke: .31 kgs.
Maximum Pressure: 6.895 bar
Temperature Range: -7o to 60o C
Moment Loads: 134.7 to 233.4 N-m
Max. load capacity: 762 to 1,319 kgs.