Actuator Options

BC3 Series Actuator Options
BC3: Auxiliary Carrier

Auxiliary Carrier
The Auxiliary Carrier option substantially increases load carrying and bending moments capacity over the standard single carrier models. BC3 auxiliary carrier models are only available with internal piston. NOTE: Breakaway pressure will increase when using auxiliary carriers.

BC3:Dual 180 Carrier

Dual 180° Carrier
The Dual 180° Carrier option may be used when load factors exceed those of a single carrier actuator. This option allows the load to be rotated 90° from the cylinder's carrier providing an additional load bearing mounting surface.

NOTE: This option requires its own proprietary tube supports and foot mounts (see dimensional information for specific models). Breakaway pressure will increase when using this option.

BC3: Auxiliary Dual 180 Carrier

Auxiliary Dual 180o Carrier
The auxiliary dual 180 carrier option substantially increases load carrying capacity and bending moments. BC3 auxiliary carriers can only be ordered with an internal piston. 

BC3: Optional Foot Mount

Foot Mounts
Foot Mounts are an option on BC3 Series Band Cylinders when an application requires the mounting to be different than flush. They may be specified on one or both ends of the cylinder.

For dimensions please refer to specific BC3 models. 

BC3:Tube Support

Tube Supports
For intermediate support, tube support brackets can be mounted to the BC3 model. Made of black anodized aluminum, the brackets are attached to the bottom and sides of the cylinder tube with rail nuts. The number of tube support brackets required and their placement depends on the overall length of the BC3 model and the load weight being moved and supported.

For dimensions please refer to specific BC3 models. 


BC3 Shock Absorber Product Photo

Standard Shock Absorber
Standard shock absorbers are positioned on the cylinder heads for end-of-stroke deceleration. Shocks for BC3 actuators utilize a stop shock plate to provide a stopping surface on the carrier. NOTE: The Shock Absorber option will increase the overall carrier height.