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BC225 Band Cylinder

BC225 Product Photo

BC225-English Series

Bore size: 2.5 in.
Base weight: 31.90 lbs.
Weight per inch of stroke: 1.01 lbs
Maximum Stroke Length: 163 in
Maximum Pressure: 100 PSI
Temperature Range: 20o to 140o F
Moment Loads: 400 to 1,800 lb-in (depending moment type carrier selection)
Max. load capacity: 400 to 800 lb (depending on carrier selection)

BC2M25-Metric w/ taper port
BC2MM25-Metric w/ parallel port

Bore size: 63 mm.
Base weight: 14.467 kgs.
Weight per millimeter of stroke: .0173 kgs.
Maximum Stroke Length: 4140 mm
Maximum Pressure: 6.895 bar
Temperature Range: -7o to 60o C
Moment Loads: 45.19 to 203.7 N-m (depending moment type carrier selection)
Max. load capacity: 181.4 to 362.8 kgs. (depending on carrier selection)